GutterMaster Classic Telescopic Water Fed Pole with Curved End Bundle with Medium Soft Oblong Brush Blue - B8WQABDHC

GutterMaster Classic Telescopic Water Fed Pole with Curved End Bundle with Medium Soft Oblong Brush Blue - B8WQABDHC

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  • Cleaning hard to reach places is faster than you think. Guttermaster's Curved Water Fed Telescoping Pole and Oblong Flow Through Brush takes all the pain away from tedious and painful chores. No more taking hours to climb rickety ladders and manually removing blockages.

  • Guttermaster water wands are ideal for removing most detritus you find. Pine needles, deciduous leaf mould leftover from the autumn, and more! Just clean out your downspouts first, then move on to spraying out the horizontal gutters. Flow through brushes are easy to attach, and let you really get at those stains in the eaves that have been bothering you for years.

  • This Guttermaster Curved wand measure 12" fully extended. Combined with your own height, this is long enough to reach even most second story gutters. Water pressure from the pole depends on the water pressure of your own hose and is controlled by the variable flow control valve.

  • Our telescoping flow through poles require no special accessories or instructions. Just connect it to your standard garden hose on one end and screw the onto the other, and you're all set to clean away the grim left behind by the spring thaw.

  • Guttermaster water poles aren't just for gutters! Any spot you need to clean, our poles can reach. Need a bit of scrubbing action? We've got a whole range of flow through brushes that attach as easily as a hose to the end of your pole. Check out our storefront for our complete list of home maintenance products.

  • Clean hard to reach places safely from the ground with the Guttermaster Classic Curved Water Pole and Medium Soft Oblong Brush. The telescoping wand extends up to a full 12 feet, meaning you can even reach second story gutters without a ladder. The flow through design of the pole and brush makes tedious chores quick, safe and efficient. Clean around your whole house in a single afternoon while saving hundreds of dollars hiring a professional. Tackle RVs and the tops large cars without straining. Just attach brush to one end and hose to the other and get scrubbing! The stronger the pressure, the easier it is to remove years of detritus, like clumps of wet pine needles. For best results, we recommend first tackling your downspouts to make sure they are clear of all blockages. Next, just run water from the pole into the gutters, pushing everything down and out through the downspouts. Guttermaster water poles work best with standard open gutters. It is difficult to direct the spray at the correct angle to flush out covered gutters. If you have non-standard gutters we advise contacting your gutter manufacturer for cleaning options. Depending on your water pressure, there may be some kickback or recoil when using this pole. We recommend acclimating yourself to the pressure gradually before opening the flow control valve fully. The full length of the telescoping pole should be enough to reach up to around 20' from the ground. When using with finished surfaces, like on car paint, make sure the bristles are soft enough to scratch. Guttermaster has a range of different telescoping wands and flow-through brushes perfect for your specific needs. Check out our storefront for our complete line of home maintenance tools!

    GutterMaster Classic Telescopic Water Fed Pole with Curved End Bundle with Medium Soft Oblong Brush Blue - B8WQABDHC