Raindrip PC2050B Pressure Compensating Dripper 50-Pack Red Black - BEREPZXMO

Raindrip PC2050B Pressure Compensating Dripper 50-Pack Red Black - BEREPZXMO

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  • Flow rate remains constant in varying inlet water pressures and positions along length of tubing; Ideal for watering individual shrubs and trees in landscapes, and plants in container pots and hanging baskets

  • Fits ¼ in. tubing with internal diameter of 0.170 in. or punched hole with diameter of 0.170 in.; 1/2 GPH per emitter

  • Delivers the same amount of water no matter where they’re positioned on the line and at varying water pressures; Self-cleaning emitter features a turbulent flow design that flushes out sediments to reduce clogging

  • ½ GPH pressure-compensating emitters are designed to deliver a steady, uniform amount of water regardless of changes in pressure or length of tubing used

  • Comes with fifty (50) ½ GPH Pressure Compensating Drippers; Color coded for easy identification of flow rate: red – ½ GPH, ideal for heavy soil/clay areas; black – 1 GPH, ideal for medium soil/loam; green – 2 GPH, ideal for sandy soil

  • Get precise, even watering to your plant with the ½ GPH Pressure Compensating Dripper. PC emitters deliver the same output of water even when the water pressure varies, and maintain the same flow rate no matter where the emitter is located along tubing. The self-cleaning emitter with turbulent flow design flushes out sediments to reduce clogging. Use with ¼ in. tubing branching off a larger supply line, or attach directly into larger supply tubing to irrigate shrubs and trees in landscapes & plants in container pots and hanging baskets. Emitter is made of polyethylene and silicone treated with UV inhibitors. Drip irrigation systems are easy to customize, install, and operate. Pressure compensating emitters are designed to maintain a constant flow rate at varying inlet pressures and at each position along the length of tubing. Water is delivered directly to your plant’s root zone at a very slow application rate for optimal growth and overall health. Raindrip offers an emitter for every watering need. Raindrip is a leading manufacturer of drip and micro-irrigation solutions and the trusted brand of landscapers since 1972. Build, expand, or repair your system with our rigorously tested products designed to save you time and money.

    Raindrip PC2050B Pressure Compensating Dripper 50-Pack Red Black - BEREPZXMO